Casio Waveceptor 4757 battery removal/replacement

Opening the battery clip to change the said battery is easy... when you know how !

First, it may sound obvious but... remove the back of the watch, 4 screws on my model similar to this one.

The battery itself may be covered by a sticker describing how to reset the watch by shorting the + side
with a point or other on the watch. Remove the sticker. Also remove the plastic insert which covers the 'innards' of the watch (mine's white).
On one side of the clip holding the battery in position, there is a 'tag' which comes down the side of the battery.
Insert a needle or other small fine point in the 'tag' (1) and unlatch it by levering it outwards (2).

The clip should now lift allowing for the removal of the battery.
Note that the illustration above is only a rough diagram, the diameter of the clip itself is smaller than the battery
and not quite circular but it should be enough to give you an idea of what needs doing.

Don't forget to take the usual precautions when opening a watch; Use proper tools of suitable sizes, work in a clean environment,
place the screws, seals and other bits in a container, Etc.

Hope this helps !

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